We find developers and experts for IT companies and the crypto market.
Hello. We are a personnel boutique If You Need.
A team of professional recruiters who care.
The company was founded in 2018 and helps find developers and IT staff for information technology companies worldwide.
We work with large integrators in the field of development, including foreign companies, as well as with startups or small product companies around the world. There are no offices and we hope there won't be.
Вакансии в работе
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I need a specialist!
Only we are looking for a candidate, and most importantly, we find one. The candidate's salary is taken into account after the probationary period.
Prices for services
annual salary
Besides us, are other agencies, departments, or employees engaged in the search for candidates? Nothing, then this tariff is for you.
annual salary
Do you have search resource restrictions in addition to other agencies, departments, or employees? Don't worry, this tariff will solve your problem.
annual salary
Payment is made only upon completion of the work.
No prepayments and hidden payments
The guarantee for the selected specialists is 3 months
Our customers
We have a number of rules that we strictly follow when working with you.
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Speed
  • Performance
Each employee of our company affects the final result, so we chose our staff very carefully.
We work transparently: contracts without small print at the bottom, and managers are open to any questions.
We understand - time is money! We answer any questions promptly and quickly close the necessary vacancy without loss of quality.
Our earnings directly depend on the quality of our work. We always try to close jobs as quickly and as well as possible, because if we do a bad job, we just won't get paid.
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